Friday, 4 April 2008

Kids not reading. Lure them to it online.

I have been trying to get my children to read more often but I have not succeeded so far.

Since they enjoy going online, I hope that the introduction of eBooks by Greener Business will lure them back to a good reading habit.

Just in case, the words are little too tough for them, I have also complied a list of websites they can go to for explanations. Many of these websites have translation in other languages, such as Spanish, Italian and French.

Hmmmm...., I wonder if they will pick up a foreign language in the process. This I know for sure. If the idea of reading books electronically picks up, we do not have to cut down more trees.


kirokiro said...

hi Nancy,

Reading books from the net is a bit hard and not comfortable for us even children. But if you insist, I have a reccomendation. Try which i had come acorss last year. It has picture books which is good for children before school age.(Good for mine.)
I can see that you are from Kajang, maybe when you have time you could bring your children down to Pustakaan Dewan Bandaraya which was located beside the Dataran Merdeka. This library is the best that i had come across. Children can borrow and browse books of all kind. I was their member since primary school. Now that i am a mother, i bring my son there.(You could borrow books for 2yrs old too. (Under your library card.)

As for blog doesn't allow anonymous,You could reach me at
I seldom use my blogger account Or post.

Nancy Poh said...

We used to go to the National Library but stopped when the kids only want to go there for the computer games! Thks for sharing lookybook.