Monday, 28 July 2008

Need tools? Borrow them!

Check out "Design for the World" and decide what kind of message you have for the inhabitants of the world.

From these slides, my search for "Eco Design Foundation" led me to iShareStuff. This is the place you can go to if you want to save money and reduce waste by sharing stuff you have or need with friends and family.

So, before you buy infrequently used products or tools, register to take a look at what other users would be happy to lend you first. Like the idea? Then post what you are willing to lend and earn yourself more space in your home.

Find time to check out the following websites from the slides to see if any of them share your ideals. Share your designs on the world for a better tomorrow.

Design Altruism Project

Designers without Borders

Design for Development

Design for Social Impact

Design for the World

Eco Design Foundation

New Economics Foundation

The Graphic Imperative (Posters for Peace, Social Justice, and the Environment)

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