Friday, 25 July 2008

Heal with torn fabrics and roots.

Have you ever seen a figure of a head carved out of tree stump and roots? I bought one for a friend many years ago and was told that it was from China. The facial features are carved on the stump part of the wood while the roots form the beard.

It should be easy for one to find a suitable plant but to uproot and dry it to work on may be an effort. But if you are on a look out for them, you may be able to find them, all dried up, in parks or by the roadsides. But then it would be a pointless effort if you are not good at carving.

OK, let us not be so ambitious. How about working on the roots of plants that are already dying on you in your garden? What's the point? You can use the roots to create dolls and dress them up with torn fabric. What's the point? Yeah, you want to know if one can make a living out of making dolls, right?

Barb Kobe is doing just that through her dollmaking classes and eBooks. She created dolls with fibers, painted fabric and materials from nature, such as, roots, sticks and clay. She used them as therapeutic dolls to heal herself and to educate, transform beliefs and situations.

She has definitely found abundance from the abandoned. Don't you think?

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