Friday, 18 July 2008

Too poor for tools? Check this out.

Have you ever attended courses that require you to buy tools or equipment to learn? I have when I attended a costume jewellery making course. The specialised tools required are rather expensive but I have no regrets acquiring them because I managed to pick up the craft.

However, I noticed that a number of my course mates were regretting making the investment when they realised that this was not for them after all.

So, before you take up any courses, try to find free tutorials available on the web and improvise tools that you need. Maybe you have friends who can teach you a trick a two. See how things go before you put more money or efforts into learning.

Another good example would be wood carving. Before you buy the wood or tools, try working with bars of soap.

Soap are soft enough so you do not need specialised carving tools as yet. You can try using the tool for popping pimples or blackheads. If the creations did not turn out well, throw them into your bath or use them to wash the toilet together with the shavings.

Following are some tools used in my creations that I have improvised from...

Balloon Stick

Supplement Bottles

...and substitute materials that I have used or thought of using:

Strings for Raquets

Magazine / Junkmail

Fishing tools

Cords from Paper Bag

So, don't waste your hard earned cash. Look out for more postings on "Substitute Material" or "Improvised Tools".

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