Thursday, 5 April 2007

He's given up fishing? Quick! Grab his tackle box!

I do not know one fishing tool from another and I don't care what's its called but they sure make cool jewellery when my husband gave up fishing. See if you can recognise what I have managed to salvage from his tackle box.

Of course, I did not miss out using those fishing lines. Or do you call them fishing wires? Anyway, they do go so well with my evening wear.

Here are more earrings to match.

Do men use tiger tail for fishing? It sure looks and works like one when I use it for my necklace.

Hmmmm.... What other hobby tools does he has that I can steal? Ooops, I mean salvage.

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Nancy Poh said...

I discovered that the fishing material I used to make the first set of jewellery posted here are called fishing sinkers. If yours are made of lead, do not allow your children to play with them. It can cause lead poisoning if accidentally ingested.

For more details, go to "Pediatrics" at the following links: