Monday, 2 April 2007

Hair? Before its shorned and forgotten, check this out.

Someone lost her horse and has kept some cuttings from its tail to remember it by. She posted on Jewelry Making Forum wondering how she can create a jewellery out of the tail to wear as a keepsake.

That started my research on what can be done with hair and here are some interesting facts I have discovered.

Asian hair of Chinese and Indian origin are preferred source of procurement for producing hair extensions. Their strength can better withstand the hair-processing operation of acid stripping, twisting around wooden poles, baking into textures before the final process of coloring and polishing.

Other than supplying to artists, braiders, and weavers to work on as hair extensions, how else can hair be used? Here are some techniques to explore working on using strands of hair in place of material suggested:

Floss Friendship Bracelet

Macrame Friendship Bracelet with Baeds

Or, you can learn some "Basic Knots" from Heather's website and create your own braiding design.

Working on clearing "abandoned material" again, consider using the following to hold the strands of hair:

1) Clear plastic tubing
2) Perfume bottle given out as samples
3) Talisman holder

Other than the business of hair extensions, can anyone make a living using hair in other ways? Yes, there is. You will be surprised to see what HuaXia TaiMaoBi Centre in Singapore can do with your baby's hair and umbilical cord.

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