Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Grouses? Clear them the green way.

Grouses create negative emotions that can affect everyone and anything in your path. What can you do to stop them getting into your life and depress you? The important thing to remember is that every problem that you may have to face have been experienced by others before you and resolved.

Following are some grouses that I have resolved the green way.

1) Love thy neighbours and their pets. My Scoopy Do creation; a diplomatic way to request owners to clean after their pets at the neighbourhood park.

2) Tears inspired generated idea for teaching my son about life by re-using his "Tumble Down" toy.

3) My "if you can't beat them, join them" battle with junk mails activities.

4) Overcoming my fear of overindulging the children.

5) One man's treasure could be another man's junk! Here is a compassion generated idea to work on to add value to "junk".

6) A frustration inspired way to stop the children fighting by talking about the"Balloon"

7) A green "Mask" to teach my children about negative emotions while they were still too young to understand.

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