Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Waste? Waste them not.

I have been reading up some gardening tips and have discovered that there are some garden friendly waste that have been tried and tested by fellow gardeners on the web.

Looking for my weeding solution, I have read that leftover beer and soft drinks have worked. With the children around, my concern is that it may attract more ants to the garden. Hot water and salt should work but that may also kill some poor insects lurking around, which is against my religious practice.

Should I take the time to pull them out? It will be a time consuming and tedious job but my consolation is that I can create fertilizer out of that collection by soaking them in water. But then wouldn't the seeds from the solution sprout more weeds? If you would like to play around with that, make sure you wear gloves while handling the solution to avoid infecting your nails.

I rather like the idea of covering up the area with a piece of plank to block out the sunlight and let them die off gradually. But what a sight that will be. So, what did I opt for? Garden stones...

...and decorative concrete slabs.

These look very neat in my garden and I have the option of growing my plants in a variety of decorative flower pots so weeding is easier to manage.

You can read more about what I have discovered posted at the following link:

A to Z Guide For An Environmentally Friendly Garden

So even if the expiry date of your product tells you to discard it, consider experimenting with it in a little patch of your garden. It could be your best eco friendly solution to your gardening problems.

Don't waste the new use for waste idea either. Share it with your fellow greenbeing friends.

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