Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Give me a finger.

The children and their parents were laughing and having fun at Bandar Sungai Long Buddhist Society Saturday Playgroup because two little boys were showing their fingers.

Their mummy was beside them telling a fish story, as she encouraged them to lift their arms up and down so that everyone can see the puppets, placed over their fingers, in action.

The parents were so impressed by all manners of sea creature finger puppets that I have decided to look out for some "how tos" so that they can create them for their children. As the puppets are so small, I am sure that they will not have any problem getting leftover fabrics to create them.

Don't have that on hand? What about that piece of worn out little jumper that one of the children has outgrown?

These patterns are from Free Kid Crafts:

Pig Finger Puppet

Rooster Finger Puppet

More ideas from

How about creating the children's favourite TV character?

Something sinister like Batty Finger Puppets?

Don't enjoy sewing? OK, create with paper, using these templates from Disney.

Winnie the Pooh

Beauty and the Beast

Disney Lion King Finger Puppets

If you have been collecting children's story books by Jan Brett, be impressed by what she has to offer to go with her "Town Mouse Country Mouse" book.

Other places for the children to stick their fingers in.

Jack and Jill

Humpty Dumpty

If you can knit there are three patterns for you to choose, designed by Mary J. Saunders

There are more patterns at this Finger Puppets Links if you need some inspiration first.

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