Monday, 9 April 2007

Seeking forgiveness? Before you give up, look for a little bottle.

I was introduced to use Propolis by my family doctor, as it is a natural antibiotic produced by bees. The product works for my family and that started my collection of the small empty bottles.

See the holder I have created for one of the bottles.

It is made up of wire and plastic from an electric cable cut off. The handles are from the strings taken off an old paper bag. How can you make use of it?

As the bottles are opaque, they are very useful for storing seeds. So, start your seeds collection. On earth day you can let the children give away the bottles of seeds to their friends and neigbours so that there will be more greens in your neighbourhood.

You can also use it as a tool to seek forgiveness. Do you remember being hurt and how difficult it was for you to listen to the explanation of the offender? You most likely walk away each time he or she tries to.

If you have hurt someone, seek forgiveness by placing your note of explanation inside the bottle and hang it where he or she will see it. Be creative, do whatever you can to tickle and draw his or her attention to the bottle.

In the note tell the person how sorry you are and how his or her sorrow is affecting you. Request that he or she hang the bottle at a particular spot to signify that you have been forgiven. The thought that you have taken the trouble to create it should soften their heart a bit.

Forgiving, can make life better. Read some points I have picked up through my experiences and from reading, "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus", by John Gray.

Read some writing tips from Lilia Fallgatter if you need some help writing to someone you care about. Watch and listen to how others are managing their relationships and how love and forgiveness impact their lives.

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