Tuesday, 17 April 2007

I won! I won! Talking about nature.

I just won myself a Codd bottle. It is a bottle for fizzy drinks designed and patented in 1876 by Hiram Codd, a British soft drink maker. I learned from Karl Moore's Friday Factoid that alcohol drinkers who disparaged Codd's invention called it "Codd's Wallop". Eventually, the term "codswallop" is used to refer to anything of low-quality or rubbish.

So, how did I win my Codd bottle? I joined Karl's competition and emailed him this little ditty:

"I love reading Karl's Blog because nature cannot put that smile on my face as naturally as he does it".

Is there truth in this statement? Yes, if you agree with me that smiling is the most natural thing one tend to do with a nod of the head in approval. It does not matter that the smile will leave crow's feet around the eyes or smile lines around your lips. You will smile naturally whenever someone is in total agreement with you.

As I write on this blogspot instead of wondering if anyone cares about keeping the environment green with my ideas, I remember Karl's Friday Factoid that may or may not interest anyone either.

Like Karl said, we do not have to seek approval to do things that we believe in. So, he happily shares his "Random Act of Kindness" while I find my joy writing about creating "Abundance from Abandoned" in "Amazing Ways". Now and then, I get an energy boost when I read his postings and smile in agreement as they go with the flow of my nature.

So, if you are facing some turbulences in your life, maybe it is time to ask yourself if you are living in line with nature.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing the goodness, Nancy! :) Karlos x www.karlblog.com

Nancy Poh said...

Thanks, Karl for your encouragement. I have received my Codd bottle.

See pictures and read how I feel about this winning at the following link.