Sunday, 29 April 2007

Cardbaord from boxes fun

When I was a kid, I loved playing with cardboard boxes. I used to put my younger sister in the box and dragged her around the hall by holding on to one of its lids. We have used them to rear stray kittens and puppies we found in the neighbourhood.

Till today, these heavy or lightweight cardboard containers in whatever material, forms or shapes are still giving me fun as I explore ways to make use of them in my craft work. Here are some stuff I have created using cardboards:

1) Beads for making jewellery for my daughter to play with.

2) Photo frame and jewellery holder.

Add interest to your frame by wrapping the strips at all sides with leftover gift wrapping paper. If you want to give it away as a present, wrapped the sides with wrapping paper to represent the event it is for. Example, if it is a Christmas present, wrapped them using wrapping paper with Christmas theme.

Don't give up on cardboard that are stained. Each time your children paint, have them clean off excess paint on their brushes onto the stained cardboard you have used in your creation.

3) Happy Teacher's Day Card using cardboard from a birthday cake box.

I made it practical by gluing to the top of the card a cardboard sweet container to form a holder for pen or handmade plastic flower. I wrapped the sweet container using plastic bags cut into strips to fit its size.

This handmade plastic flower can also be used to decorate the photo frame.

Following are some free tutorial I have discovered off the web for you to try out:

Cardboard Crafts

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Cardboard Castle

Bulletin Board

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