Saturday, 31 March 2007

Dishes and bowls? Worthless until broken!

I bought these pendants made with shards from antique bowls or plates while I was in Beijing. They are supplied with a government seal stamped on a tag attached to each pendant to prove its authenticity.

The next time your kids chip your dishes or break your favorite china, that could be an indication for you to consider starting a home based business creating mosaic art pieces.

With broken dishes on hand, I have done the ground work for you. Following are some websites that provide very clear instruction on how you can explore your creativity with your collection of broken ceramic wares. You will be so inspired that you may even want to hold a house "Break Things" party.

Something to decorate?

Prefer creating something that can be worn?

So, what else can be created? There is a long list from

Still don't believe that it's worthless until broken? Then check out what the experts are breaking in their shops.


Melissa's Motif


Broken By Design

So, what about those chipped pieces that you are not so willing to break up? See how such antiques in China are used.

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