Thursday, 22 March 2007

Plant an idea in marriage.

You cannot plant a tree for every tree felled in your lifetime but you can plant this idea across the world and watch it grow.

It is happening in West Java. Government servants who are promoted and couples intending to marry at the marriage registry office are encouraged to donate seedlings as part of a reforestation drive.

The idea was put forth two years ago by the district chief of Purwakarta, Lily Hambai Hassan, and it is finally catching on. Forestry officials distribute the collection for planting free of charge.

Other than seedlings, do you know that you can propagate from cuttings too? So, the next time you prune your plants or see them being discarded by your neighbours, pick them up and discover if you can grow them. If you need help with propagating plants, head down to the following link for gardening tips and answers:

Practicing Green Arithmetic in Your Garden

So, what are you waiting for? Start planting this seedlings idea around and look forward to an evergreen season of joyous happenings.

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