Thursday, 22 March 2007

Bread and Butter? Oops, I mean Bread and Books. Before you...

Before you buy your next loaf of bread or throw away those old books, check out when High 5, a Silver Bird Group, will be giving away their loaves of bread in exchange for them.

It is their 3-in-1 effort that so impresses me as books collected will be donated to the shelters or childcare organizations and Komuniti Bestari nationwide. Can't get your maths right? Let me do the counting for you in what this effort has accomplished:

1) It reduces wastage
2) Provided reading material for the needy
3) It is a great way to promote High 5 Bread

Oops, again. You got me. It should be a 4-in-1 success:

4) It did impress me to write about this effort.

Feel free to correct me again if you decide to making it a 5-in-1 idea by adopting it in your company.

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