Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Garments from Scratch to Finish

Cat Chow creates sculptural garments using her own fabric made up of one of these material:

metal snaps and metal "jump rings"
black rubber O-rings
baby-bottle nipples
buttons and bobbins
plastic jewelry tags
tape measures
wine corks
glass vials of water
Nokia cell phone covers
1000 pieces US1.00

Of the 1000 pieces of US1.00 evening gown that made it to the Chicago Cultural Center show and brought her fame; to create it using chain-mail techniques, she shredded each US1.00 notes received from donation into twenty-five strips.

Read news and see her creations on the following link and be inspired:
Cat Chow Wearable Art

Henceforth, look at waste around you differently and be on a look out for free tutorials to go with Cat Chow's inspired creations in my next posting.

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