Thursday, 8 March 2007

Creating with new and waste material.

Following are handmade jewllery I created out of wires and plastic from electric cables. Most wireman discard the cables cut offs after their installation work. So, these wires are unused waste material.

Do you remember standing by the cash register machine as the cashier removed the spool to insert a new roll? Did you you notice that there is some leftover roll of paper on the spool? These shoes tong are made of industrial copper wire that the factory machine is not able to completely utilise. Its as good as new. Note the different way the tong can be used on my sandals.

My shoes tong is also my necklace....

also my name tag holder....

Some like it fine, some like it rough. Prefer the bulkier version? It is made up of commercially purchase copper wire.

A clearer picture of one of the flower design my shoes tong cum necklace cum name tag hold is made up of.

Something more funky. Polymer beads are from my beading buddy.

My "Blowing Hot and Cold" pendant. Or should I use it to decorate my plastic photo frame? My daughter placed it on her head and said its her crown. What do you see?

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