Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Out of date? Have $ in mind.

Before you throw out those out of date, shape or style and mostly "out of sight out of mind" clothings that you have been hoarding all these years, find out how you can make some money out of them.

Yeah, I bet you think I was going to suggest selling them on eBay. Well, if that is what you have been considering, give it a go; but not before you read some eBay's powersellers tips I have pluck out from the universe here and there.

From the regular guy on the street; eBay Powerseller Personal Finance Tips – Turn Trash Into Cash.

Here's another who is sharing his 13 Steps to Profitable Auctions and Stephen's methods.

Want more professional information? Read 51 tips from a panel of experts complied by Gisela M. Pedroza of

Prefer hard facts, then read what Tim W. Knox of Online Profits 4U has to say on "The Secret To eBay Success".

Anyway, who say you have to sell them in order to see $ and cents? Try making changes to them and see if you can wow your friends with your ingenuity and save buying new ones. And if you made an asymmetrical mistake, it's OK. You can still try impressing them at the next fancy ball party you attend. If that is not a feasible idea, then take a peek at how Cindy shredded her old denim shirts. No, she did not throw them into the bin in frustration. She crochet the strips and turn them into a cool bag and shares how she pull it off.

For some inspirations for a fancy party fashion workout, you can check out The Costume Cow, where every design they have are made from things you already have. They even have designs of for challenged people. How thoughtful of them.

However, if those powerseller tips and the professionals writers have hooked you on to selling online, and you want to go professional, check how others are doing it first before jumping in.
Going electronics? Check out barfieldliquidation

Used clothings and electronic not for you? Then let Dmitry Davydov at uncommonbusiness guide you. Start with 7 Great Home Business Ideas For Women, then move on to Unusual Women Owned Businesses and if you want more, poke around and see for yourself.

Good luck in your creation of abun$ance from the otherwise forgotten and abandoned stuff.

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