Thursday, 8 March 2007

Money Gobbling Hobbies

I love working with my hands and has been doing that since young. It is fun playing and changing forms of all kind of scrap material I can find in the house. The cost to play starts escalating when I started using new material and buying handicraft books to learn more challenging crafts.

When I took up a course to learn how to create my own costume jewellery, the intention was to cut cost of buying something to match something that I have. As my skills improved, I started using "swarovski crystals" in my work. In order to sustain this hobby, I started selling some of my creations.

So, what has this hobby got to do with doing my "ThRRRees"? I have started using scrap material and have looked into ways to make my creations multi-functional.

My 2nd incentive: Reduce cost of hobbies so that I can continue to enjoy them.

Let my pictures do the talking in my next posting.

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