Sunday, 4 March 2007

It Pays To Help

One of my friends requested me to accompany her to a free talk meant for single mothers as she was not keen to go on her own. She past me a newspaper article, written by Chong Sheau Ching, and requested that I call the number there to see if I could request the organiser to allow me to attend, as I am not a single mother.

I called and was told to write in which I did and that was how I met Frankie Ang, who conducted the talk “A Self-Discovery & Self-Advancement”. I was so inspired by what he said that I wrote an article about it and forwarded it to the organizer and thanked them for allowing me to attend it.

That was how I became involved with "eHomemakers". I did not know it then, but I first came to know of "eHomemakers", a network of homemakers, when they were still known as "Mothers for Mothers". A parent of one of the students from the school, my children were attending, informed me about it and my interest in their website started as they have some useful information on keeping the environment green under "Green Living".

Subsequently, "eHomemakers" requested me to conduct a talk on "Forgive and Live Again" and later, another on "Control Our Lives with Trust". I was glad that I took up the challenge as that started another round of research and my interest in helping others, especially, single parents, grew. I started writing articles on issues related to love, marriage and family and became very active on their forum. In my efforts to response to forum members who have requested for help or information I managed to source many information that I found useful personally.

So, what do I gained for all these efforts? It was a realization of strengths that I did not know existed in me and an opportunity to participate in "Science of Innovation" a programme for Malaysian home-based businesses organised in support of eHomemakers' members. Through this programme, I decided to set up my home-based business, SOYO Chic Enterprise.

So what do I hope to achieve through SOYO Chic Enterprise?

I read from the forum, that most women, like me, have given up their careers to become stay at home moms for their children. I know that by the time our children are old enough for us to join the workforce, we will be deemed “too old” for the workforce. Even if we are able to get the jobs we want, we will not be able to enjoy the pay we deserved based on our training and experience.

SOYO stands for “Stand On Your Own". I know of many women who leave it to their spouses for source of income. Should misfortune strike these sole wage earners, their spouses are going to be at a lost as to how they will be able to sustain their livelihood financially. With the mentorship I have gained from Global Innovation Research Center (GIRC) and eHomemakers by participating in the "Science of Innovation’ programme, I would like to generate an interest in women to learn a craft and create money making ideas that will enable them to become financially independent.

I hope that one day, “Let’s SOYO" will be a publicly known catch phrase to mean “Stand On Your Own, Together. My motto is, "My Success Hinges on Your Success". Will you stand with me?


Kristina said...

Your organization, and eHomemakers, are really interesting and important groups that help empower women who have decided to stay home to raise their children. I work with The Advocacy Project and eHomemakers is one of our partners that we send Fellows to every year. I thought you might be interested in reading their blogs:

Nancy Poh said...

Thanks for sharing this information with me. I think it is great what you and the rest of your members are doing.

I have started a new category to write about and I am considering starting a new blog writing about businesses set up by single mothers as a way to inspire other women.

To give you an idea, read about Ms Read Boutique, started by a single mother, at the following link: