Friday, 16 March 2007

Doing My ThRRRees for My Children

I read a posting on a forum about a lady who is wondering why her 20 years old son seems to have no direction in life. He sees no urgency in getting a job to fend for himself.

If we apply Newton's third law stating that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, the issue she should be wondering about is, if her son has being brought up in a life of "abundance", is it too late at his age to bring him back to perspective?

Sometimes in our love for our family, we allow them to do things that may not bode well for their future wellbeing because we forgot this "cause and effect" law of nature. We only look at the present longing of loving and pleasing them without thinking of the consequences of our overindulgence. We know that it is wrong to kill and yet we are slowly killing ourselves by the actions of the people we care about.

This reflection makes me realized that I have to make a change in the way I love my children. For a start, I will let them join the "Children's Choir", organised by Sungai Long Buddhist Society, so that they can learn to sing professionally.

If they are good at it, it will be a bonus for me as they will be selected to cut an album and earn an income; a possible head start for their career? If not, at least I am sure that they will be happily, morally educated as they do enjoy singing. I also believe that singing is a very good way to learn a language, in this case, Mandarin.

So, what has this got to do with doing my ThRRRees? To ensure that this “not for profit” project succeeds, I am donating money that I will be receiving from recycling my waste to Sungai Long Buddhist Society. This is my 4th incentive to recycle.

Remember that for every action that you take, there will be a reaction. Is there a meaningful project that you would like to support through recycling? Post your comments here and wait for the reaction.

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