Saturday, 17 March 2007

Stones? Before you chuck, check this out.

My husband gave up rearing fishes and managed to give away all the paraphernalia he has amassed for this hobby. The only thing that we held on to were the beautiful stones he has bought to fill his once huge aquarium. They look so lovely; just the kind of stones one would pick up during walks by the stream or beach.

Recently we found a place for them in our garden. My daughter enjoys shifting through the larger stones to look for the smaller glistening pieces. It is like a treasure hunt for her. So, we are very happy that the stones have a new purpose in the garden.

Expanding on my creativity, I have created a paperweight out of one of the bigger pieces.

Not impressed? Then check out Ernestina Gallina is doing with her stones.

She has proven that with some colours and imagination, even stones can make great gifts. She has generously provided some free painting lessons in one of her links posted at Ernestina Gallina's Gallery.

How else can this creation be promoted? Check Suzi Chua out. She has created "rock ambassadors" to express her concern for the endangered animals in Malaysia. Look out for her stone painting of mammals like Tapir, dugong, Malayan tiger and marine reptiles, such as, the leatherback turtle.

Maybe these painted stones can be a reminder for the future generation. If they do not do something about it now, one day Suzi's paintings and pictures may be the only way they can show their children what these species look like.

What about rubbles from old buildings? It could be your former school being torn down for expansion or the cinema in your hometown making way for a shopping complex. If you come across one, think about picking up a nice piece of rubble from the site. Then go look for a picture of that building and see if these ladies will help you paint it on your rubble. Maybe you can find a buyer for it on eBay.

How about creating a sentimental keepsake of the stones you have collected during your hike up a mountain or a walk by the beach? Choose your best photos taken of the trips and have them painted on the stones. It is also a great souvenir idea for friends who could not join you for the trip.

For an idea of what kind of stones or rubbles you should look out for, check out Patty Donathan's free guide at Pet A Rock.

If you would like to horn your skills further, you aught to read Techniques In Painting, Drawing And Calligraphy. by artist, Hugh McDonald.

From there he has a write up on "Some Useful Chemicals" that should help you to reduce wastage in your creation and also save cost by providing alternative material.

Also, pop by his gallery if you need inspiration.

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