Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Love creating minis? Sell them!

If you love creating but find that you tend not to complete large arty projects you take on, then it is time that you consider creating miniature artwork instead.

Is there a market for mini art pieces? Yes, if you can create your piece small enough to fit into a cigarette box. So, why must it be in cigarette box size? That's because Art-o-mat have been re-using retired cigarette vending machines to vend art and they have 82 active machines in various locations throughout the country.

They currently have 400 contributing artists from 10 different countries involved in this project. If you think you have the chance to make the grade, find out about Art-o-mat's submission process.

Would it be a waste of time to create a prototype of your creation for their review of acceptance? Check out this calculation. Accepted pieces are sold on the vending machine at USD5.00 per piece, so that means that it would not be too high priced to sell. You, the artist will receive $2.50 per sale and you will have to deliver on consignment basis, a minimum quantity of 50 finished pieces. Sell them all and you get USD125.00.

Maybe it would be costly for you to ship your work, especially if you are living out of USA. But, if you are looking for global recognition of your creativity, it is a good way to start because there is a likelihood that your work will be posted on Art-o-mat's website.

There is also a way to increase your profit. By using abandoned material to reduce your cost to create, of course! And I have lots of ideas and free tutorials somewhere on my blog which will appeal to you.

Good luck with your mini ventures.

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