Monday, 7 July 2008

Need photos? Put down that digital camera!

According to Japanese camera industry's statistics, a digital camera uses about twice as much resource and energy compared to the old fashion film camera of the same grade or price. I have a big collection of used batteries to confirm this statement by Ryuji Suzuki of Silver Grain, a company that supplies environmental friendly photographic chemicals.

But going digital is so convenient when there is a need to share lots of photos electronically. So, what can an environmentally conscious blogger like me, who post lots of photos on my blog, do about it?

I put down my digital camera and did a search to learn more about the AAA batteries I have been using. According to Cnet:

1) Rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) based batteries are better for the environment than disposables.

2) The lithium type disposable batteries tend to last the longest and make cameras speedier compared to alkaline, oxy-alkaline.

3) Alkalines batteries do not last long and so is not good for the environment

I am on a look out for battery conservation tips and here are some I have spotted:

1) Turn off your digital camera when not in use.
2) LCD viewfinder drains battery.
3) Control using the playback mode after each shot.
4) Compact Flash cards use less power compared to the miniature MicroDrive media hard drives.

I rather like the write up by Health Care Without Harm about the recycling and disposal options of all kind of batteries used in the health care industries. Reading it will give you an idea of the kind of hazardous material each type of battery would produce.

I am also on a look out for sources of free graphics and photos for my blogs.

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