Saturday, 19 July 2008

Cooking? Save time, save egergy.

I like this article about "Cooking for One or Two" by Food and Nutrition Specialist, Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., LRD. She has included tips on reducing portions of ingredients required for a recipe and I like the links to websites that provide simple to cook recipes.

I have learned a new word from her and its “planned-overs” for people who do not like to use “leftovers”. I like the notion of cooking in excess so that your can create another dish with your “planned-overs”.

Recently I fried extra sausages for my children for breakfast. For dinner, I used my “planned-overs” sausages to decorate another mashed potato dish.

That way I saved on gas and time cleaning my frying pan.

Another way to save on time and energy is to find recipes that you can cook quickly. Just google "Cook It Quick .pdf" and you should be able to find many ideas and tips on recipes you are interested in.  By do that I found this website, Cook It Quick where you can find some useful kitchen tips

Try to figure out ways to use less utensils to cook. For example, I learn from Michael Smith that you can use vegetables, such as, carrots, potatoes and onions to replace the rack you need for roasting. Just place your meat on top of the vegetables. Now you do not have an oily rack to clean up.

Watch him on "Chef at Home" and you will be able to catch more tips and tricks that will help shorten your cooking time.

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