Thursday, 22 October 2009

Bad bags days? No more!

I don't buy reusable bags. Sometimes I get them free from exhibitions attended or with stuff purchased. My children get them from the school they attended.

Take a look at these reusable bags we have on hand.

Do you like the colour enough to go shopping with it?

Some can't even take the weight it is supposed to!

Even if it is reusable, would you continue using it if you can't wash the stain off it?

I am sure you are facing the same problems. Do you have a solution to these problems? Me? You bet!

If the kids don't fancy the colour of their reusable bags to use them, slip them into another that they would consider taking.

Here is a lacy bag that I crochet.

This is how it looks with reusable bag tucked in.

The kids are more likely to handle their reusable bags with care if they like the colour and the design. So, while the reusable bag is still new...

...reinforce the handles by running stitches where they join at the bag.

Here is another crochet bag design I created for reusable bag.

With this design, I can slip the handles of the reusable bag through the handles of the crochet bag.

That should keep our reusable bags from landing in the trash bin any sooner. How do you like that?

I hope that producers of reusable bags should rethink how they design their bags so that they not only will last longer but will be fashionably, the bag of choice.


WashingtonChapterCouncilor said...

Nice creations, Nancy! I like the way you can take something ugly and add considerable value to it.

Nancy Poh said...

Thank you.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

This is very creative... Now I can start to crochet again with a purpose...

Nancy Poh said...

I am glad I got you hook on crochet again. I am thinking if you can't add brand to a bag, add style.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Very cute crocheted bags you made! My kids are too young to care, and I don't, so color nor stains matter to me when shopping. I do, however, find that the thicker canvas bags hold up WAY better than those flimsy, thin ones you mostly get for free as giveaways.

The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Very nice crocheted bags!!

My kids are too young to care, and I don't care about stains nor color. So I use mine "as is." I do find, however, that the thick canvas bags hold up WAY better than those flimsy, thin ones you get as give-aways.

Nancy Poh said...

Thank you, Mummy of Grunty and Chubb. You are right. The freebies are never the best.