Friday, 16 October 2009

Bad photos? Great for creativity!

On photography, if there is one thing I have picked up, it is that it's nearly impossible to take a good image of every member in the group posing for the photo.

So, what do you do with digital photos where you can see someone displaying an odd expression, strange gestures or weird postures? Maybe it has something to do with the camera or bad lighting, since no one is going to admit that they are bad photographers. Yes, there are going to be photos that will not land up in the photo album. But wait! Don't delete them on sight!

Once you have gotten over those distractions, you will notice that you can still make partial if not full of bad photos with some creativity of cutting, editing and pasting. Check out what I did with my lot.

So, did you get the green ideas here? Miss them!!!?? OK, here they are:

1) By deleting your digital photos, you are wasting your batteries.
2) By creating your own greeting cards digitally you can save some $ and the environment going paperless.
3) Remember my posting on "The Pain. About Relationships" and how broken families can create wastage? So, make your relationships work by learning to express your love.
4) You will discover many little images of facial expressions that will make great photo ID for the next social media that you sign up for.

So, remember that you don't have to waste batteries taking more photos for that perfect shot. Just go through those bad photos.

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