Thursday, 8 October 2009

Transforming my lanterns

So the mooncake festive event is over. What did I do with the lanterns I made? No, there is no museum in my home to display stuff I have made. I have not reached that status yet.

Here is the lantern for my son dismantled for storage. It can come in handy if there is a fancy dress party for my son to attend. I can turn it upside down and let him use it as a hat.

I would also consider sending my creations to the recycling bins if they are no longer in their pristine condition. But before I do that I usually keep a record of how I have them made.

Check out what I can do with the lantern I created for my daughter.

I can join the pieces together and transform them into a container for storing my electrical plugs.

Make a few more of that and I can use them to store undies for the kids. That should save me the hassle of folding them neatly in their drawers to have them all messed up after each bath. Now that's a neat transformation I will work on.

You think a square container looks better or a round one?

Maybe I should tone down on the colours...

If you are wondering what these containers are made of, you have definitely missed my earlier posting.

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