Monday, 6 August 2007

Buttons? Not for clothes only.

I have lost buttons off my clothes before and could not find matching ones to sew them back on. One of the options in such a scenario is to remove remaining buttons on the piece and sew new ones on.

So, what do you do with the buttons you have removed? This is a question someone asked me recently. She is a Malay and if you look at her traditional wear, she has many lovely buttons sewn on her "Baju Kurung", that a Creative Recycler like me, would salivate for.

Do you remember the days when big buttons with four holes in the centre for sewing were so popular? If you can lay your hands on buttons like that, check out the bracelets Cindy at Sweet Pea Creationz has created with the help of some jump rings.

Just look at how intricate her chain maille creations are. Creative, talented and patient. That's Cindy.

So, what about your clothes once you have all the buttons removed and it is a little too worn out to bother sewing new buttons on? Look out for answers in my next posting.

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