Sunday, 19 August 2007

Can't draw? Can't sew? Can stick?

I do not know about you but I do enjoy receiving advertorial brochures while I was working. They are so colourful especially those from corporate gift and florist shops. I used to cut out the lovely pictures that I come across. What did I do with them? Here are some ideas that you might like to take up.

I love keeping my photos in self adhesive albums. To add interest to the photos, I enclosed nice pictures I have cut out from brochures. This page shows a picture of one of the toys I have bought for my son. It even has the price of the item sold during that time. It will be fun to see how much the same thing would have cost my son when he has a family of his own.

If you do not have any nice pictures to record the toys your children have played with, you can cut them out from the boxes the toys came in. Amongst the many we have received as gifts, this is my son's favourite mobile structure toy.

You can also find very interesting pictures to work with from advertisements in magazines or newspaper.

What do you do with the lovely greeting cards you have received? I have received many with very nice borders. I like to cut out the centre portion where the words are printed and place it over the photo. Here is a photo of my son on his birthday.

This cute teddy bear picture was cut out from a wrapping paper of a gift I have received.

I also keep travel itineraries and brochures of places I have been to. Here is one from the zoo in Singapore. It shows the routes to take to see the animals you have interest in.

Can you still remember what you fed your kids as infants? I can.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to recycle to remember something beautiful by? Definitely my 8th incentive to recycle. No interest...? Right, you are not into keeping photo albums because you have gone digital. What other sticky thing can I get you into? How about duct tape?

Duct tapes can be used to help you save the old sofa set that you plan to discard by turning it into a design statement. This is what a student from the University of Cincinnati's School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning did with an old couch found in the garbage.

If you are not up to that artistic level yet, you will be pleased to know that duct tapes have been used to create wallet, bags, roses and bows to go with your gift box. Just click on the following link for the steps:

You can also learn how to emboss the surface or be inspired to create new stuff.

You think you will be wasting your time mastering this craft? Then it's about time you read about Garett Croft Stenson's global business. Too young to start thinking about doing this as a business? Then look into getting a scholarship.

Has this sticky subject generated an interest to write a book? Then check out your competitor, 17-year old Ellie Schiedermayer, and her book "Got Tape". Don't feel bad, go perk yourself up by winning a contest using, what else, duct tape, of course!

Need some motivation? Then start recycling and working towards sticking to your "SMART" Goals.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

OMG! you started scrapbooking way back old time... YES, what you did is call Scrapbooking today!

Nancy Poh said...

I started collecting pictures from magazines and brochures when I was just a little girl. My aunt would discard them so, I have to hide them behind a cupboard! Now I am hiding them from my husband!