Thursday, 2 August 2007

I’m A Plastic Bag. Eco friendly? Make me!

Recognised me? Play with me and see what you can make me do.

Try tying me up.

I love the way you are holding me.

Hold me closer.

Let me hold you too.

Crafter's challenge has made me cheeky... oops, I mean very creative. I pulled out 2 huge plastic bags that held some electrical ware I bought and cut them into strips. I braided 3 strips together to make them studier. My theme for this challenge is "I’m A Plastic Bag. Eco friendly? Make me!" The objective is to find ways to make use of plastic bags so that they will not end up in the landfill.

I do not know if Crafter will accept my design as I do not have enough of the plastic strips to create a bigger bag but I am going to give it a go because I did displace 2 huge plastic bags that would have landed in the landfill if not put to use.

Here is another version that I have created and to decorate it,...

...I have added flowers made out of plastic bags. So there, I have displaced 2 more plastic bags on earth.

Don't think it will hold? That is a 1.5 litre bottle of water all filled up.

Here is a whacky design.

Big enough to hold a ball.

Here is a poser for you. What would God, ever compassionate and forgiving, do to mankind who created things that destroyed his creations?

"I am naughty. Want me to be good? Help me!"
(What would you do to your wayward kids?)

I’m A Plastic Bag. Eco friendly? Make me!
(You made me this way! What are you going to do about it?)


Mummy to QiQi said...

this is fantastic!

Nancy Poh said...

Thanks, Chin Nee. Check out other designs posted at Crafter and what my new pals are saying about my design at the following link:

endahl said...

Nancy, your work is so beautiful and creative. I wish you the best in the contest.


Nancy Poh said...

Thanks, Cindy. Let me know when you have posted yours.

Avinash said...

nice work

Nicolos Kage