Thursday, 25 October 2007

Can't draw? Can't sew? Can't stick? Can write?

I have written a lot of suggestions on this blog for going green through:

1) providing crafting ideas and links to free tutorials
2) creating practical cost saving solutions
3) highlighting inspiring ideas from successful entrepreneurs

But if you have not being inspired because you can't draw, can't sew, and don't enjoy sticking, here is what you can do. Write to your heart's content and I have just the right motivation for you to start. You can be paid for doing it by blogging!

What can you get paid to write about? Here's the answer...

And if you would like to spread some words about are keeping the environment green, do some research and blog about:

1) conserving energy and natural resources
2) gardening
3) going organic

Why bother? Upload a picture of yourself or your love ones or pets on your blog profile. Each time you start to write think about the healthy environment and the lovely things you can get with the money you are working on receiving. What can you get them or yourself?

Stop dreaming and get on to writing!

Here is another incentive for you once you have started your blog.

I am looking at my picture and thinking about what I will soon be getting...

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