Wednesday, 17 October 2007

A mess? Get organised with some waste.

These are empty bottles from the Propolis that my family have been taking. I have decided to use the bottles for storing seeds to be given away and I have even managed to design a holder for them. But what can I do with the caps, rubber pumps and glass tubes?

I have been wondering for a while now until I came across this bunch of leftover crayons I have collected over the years. Looking at the discoloured mess, I can understand why my children have not been using them.

Now I know how I can get them to once I have removed the glass tube from the rubber pump and pull it out of the bottle cap.


Push the crayon into the rubber pump and it will extend its length and form a very handy holder for the crayon.

Once the crayons have been pushed into the rubber pumps, leave them on. When the crayons are stored this way, they will not be pushed too closely together and be discoloured.

Watch my daughter at work with her "new" crayon.

It is great to be able to tear her away from watching cartoons and playing console games with stuff that would have been thrown away.

Can't find those rubber pumps? If you are ready to melt your crayons, you can create art and very cute refrigerator magnets with them.

Now let's see how I can organised those odd pencils, colour pencils, pens and pencil leads with some Tetra Pak drink cartons I have collected from my son's recent birthday party.

Though I managed to sort and segregate them with the drink cartons, they topple over easily. I managed to find a 27x12.5cm platic tray...

... to hold all 12 of them and Mummy's dream of some semblance of tidiness came true.

Extend the life of those short pencils by getting yourself a pencil holder. The one shown here is beaded.

Might as well also work on oranising the pages torn off old school exercise books. This I managed to do with a basket that came with a hamper we received.

I have managed to rejuvenate most of my "have been hanging around". So now, it is down to the bottle caps and glass tubes. Maybe I will have the answers for you in my next posting.

As for the bigger stuff that you have been amassing, I have that covered in the following topic:

Maximize your stuff? First rework your storage.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

hi.. first time dropping by your blog and I love the way you think about Green!

Thanks for sharing out those great tips!


endahl said...

Love your recycled idea here and what a beautiful artist your daughter is. Such a pretty picture!


Nancy Poh said...

Thank you, Sharine and Cindy, for the "spur me on". My daughter is all smiles when I told her about the comments posted here. She said, "Thank you". That should encourage her to participate on my blog.