Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Holes in clothes? Good for framing.

Way before my marriage, I used to crochet baby clothings for my friends, nieces and nephews. Sadly, when I have my own kids, I never got around to creating for them. However, two of the pieces that I have handmade were returned to me so that my children could appreciate them too.

Now that they have outgrown them, I wonder what I should do with them. Unraveling them to create something new would be such a waste as they were created for my first born nephew and niece who are now in their twenties.

I recall one of my former teachers kept a "My Baby's First Year" book where she kept records of her only daughter. She has even kept her baby hair and a tooth. She brought it to school as she would like one of my classmates to calligraph the notes she has written in pencil on it. She would like to present it as a 21st birthday present to her daughter. Isn't that a grand thought? I think I should keep these pieces and maybe frame them up as keepsake.

And talking about calligraphy and framing; I read in the newspaper recently that Calligraphy art teacher, Husain Omar, framed his work with songket fabric. So, incorporating this idea, a little write up about the keepsake can be useful if there is a stain or hole on the material that you intend to keep. If Calligraphy is not your forte, print out a photo of the child wearing that piece and place it over the unsightly spot. If I can find my mom's old clothings, maybe I can use the fabric as bases for family photos and have them framed. Imagine what an ice breaker it will be for visitors if I can find a photo of her wearing the base... oops, I mean the clothes.

I noticed that most of my Malay friends who have children tend to enjoy sewing for them. So, if this idea of framing keepsakes with some notes appeals to them, they will be pleased to know that this Calligraphy art teacher plans to conduct free Calligraphy classes in Jawi. Husain Omar can be reached at 012-344-0066 for details. Check with him to see if it is an offense to use Jawi this way!

Want this project handmade all the way? Following are some free tutorials I have discovered:

"How To Make Picture Frames" from FrameCo provides pictures of tools you need and ways to save on the material you will be using.

How to Picture Frame, A Nine Step Tutorial from Framing4Yourself.

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