Friday, 11 January 2008

The "Scrap House" project

I watched the "Scrap House" project on National Geographic channel this morning. It is about the process of designing and building a home entirely out of refuse from San Francisco landfills and junkyards in four weeks to celebrate "World Environment Day 2005".

Take a peek at what it looked like before it was demolished.

Looking at the material used in building the "Scrap House" should make you wonder how these items landed in the junkyard. From watching the TV progamme, I came to know that some of the material were available in high numbers because construction sites have to purchase material in access of requirement to cover any shortages from defects.

Do a search on "overruns", "surplus", "overstock" and see what you can find. Some of these are likely items produced in excess of anticipated future sales or they maybe from companies that have closed down.

Let us work on this on a smaller scale. How can these be re-used if you would like to create your own "scrap room"?

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