Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Kids undies. Too good to throw?

Some children outgrow their clothes very quickly and their siblings get their "hand me downs" that are as good as new. With that in mind, I used to buy T-shirts and pants for my son that a little girl would be able appreciate. So, what about the underwear?

I remember my daughter came home from the kindergarten wearing a pair the school had provided because she has had an "accident" in the toilet and stained her own. So, I have decided to pass the ones my children have outgrown to the daycare centre I placed them in.

So, when one of my friends asked me what she should do with her children's underwear, I gave her the same suggestion. She wonders if anything can be created out of them since they are still as good as new. Here is one idea to start with.

Undies Wallet

You like that? Then, you may want to explore with adult unwanted underwear, like the lovely piece of brassier you got yourself just before you discovered that you were pregnant with your first child! How about making one into a purse. Keep a lacier one for making a purse for a night out.

OK, I have to admit that your love ones may not want to be seen out with you when you are parading your bra bag. So, how about making them into Scented Bra Pouch? That way you won't be missing them as you can still have them in your wardrobe.

I am prepared. Before my friend start asking me what she can do with the rest of her baby stuff, I have some listed here.

Cloth Diapers
Learn to tie dye your cloth diapers and make them into Britches or Pot Pourri Round or make them into hand towels with the help of your kids.

Baby bibs

Pot Pourri Holder

Cute t-shirt

Overalls Bag
Another option if you do not sew. Use glue.


You can still let the younger ones wear clothes that have been stained. All you have to do is bleach the whole piece here and there or stained areas only creatively or stain them further in the colours you like.

To make a boy's pair of pants more effeminate looking draw patterns on it with the help clorox pen. If you cannot find it in the shops, look out for glue stick with pointed tip dispenser and use it as container for your clorox once the glue is used up.

Oh, don't forget, if you live in America, Patagonia Inc, a leading US outdoor clothing company, recycles polyester clothing and that includes your undies.

there is a place to send in your unwanted undies.


Fem Choices said...

Hi there. Saw you off the ehomemakers forum.

In the spirit of your site, would you like a free cloth pad from my site ?

I am planning on training some local underpriviledged ladies (i.e. single mothers from uneducated backgrounds) to make them for sale this year.

Nancy Poh said...

I love the way you are running your business. I have written about Mooncup and such on this blog. You may find some of the tips there useful.