Monday, 10 December 2007

Underwears? Yes, can be recycled.

The Sungai Long Buddhist Society organised a holiday camp for children of age 6 to 13 in the community and I was requested to conduct a workshop on pollution and the concepts of "Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle".

That put me on a search for slides and information that I can share with the children. I know that the younger children love action heroes and would enjoy watching cartoons. The older ones who are already aware of what pollution and 3Rs are about would need some surprises to get them to pay some attention.

Here is one that I have discovered from YouTube.

I know that this slide is a hit with the children because they kept recounting the story. Though underwears are not recycled in Malaysia yet, the slide is a good way to widen their horizons and get them to question what waste material other than paper, glass and aluminum can be recycled.

A mother of one of the participants became very concerned when she heard about the scene where the hero tried to commit suicide because he failed to persuade the Japanese to recycle their underwears. I cannot blame her for bringing this up to my attention because a 12 years old Indian girl in Malaysia committed suicide when she did not do well in school. So, be mindful if you are showing this slide to the children. Take time to explain that committing suicide is not the right or only way to solve a problem.

Did I discover any other interesting slides? Let me show you in my next posting.

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