Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Tips for Recycling Boy at KAB

Recycling Boy of "Keep America Beautiful", one of the superheroes I posted about, has a problem getting people to recycle properly. If he can fly long haul, he would be able to study how people in other countries solved this problem.

In Taiwan, the people there would never missed the trucks for garbage and recycling because they play melodic music to warn of their arrivals.

On top of that:

1) Residents must place their recyclables only in city-approved trash bags that can be easily purchased from 7-Eleven.
2) The truck for collecting recyclables comes five nights a week and drives slowly down the streets or park at a designated spot.
3) The truck accepts only certain items on certain days, example, Styrofoam trays and cardboard dumpling boxes, are collected only on Mondays and Fridays.
4) Residents have to heave the bags onto the truck themselves.

I am sure that this concept can be modified to fit the lifestyle of any country facing the same problem. Imagine a truck with music playing driving around the neighbourhood streets. That should get the children interested enough to check out if the ice-cream man is around the corner and learn instead about recycling. Your 2-in-1 solution.

Do you want to know why the Taiwanese are willing to make these efforts? Julia Ross has the answer for you in her write up about "What I Picked Up About Trash in Taipei" during her stay in Taiwan.


Peridot&Sapphire said...

hopefully our government will come up with this type of service... everyone really needs to do their part!

Nancy Poh said...

It was an interesting discovery for me. So, I learn too teaching the children about recycling.