Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Teaching children? You need superheroes.

It is not easy to teach young children if you cannot gain their attention. Moreover, this is their school holiday and they should be having fun. I decided not to show them this slide on energy and cost saving tips as it would have bored them. They are not the ones paying the house utility bills after all.

Here is another with the same message that they can relate to.

If watching heroes is fun, how about teaching them how to find a recycling cause to become a hero of? I started off by teaching them how to create a book to take down some "howtos" notes. Material used to create book? Used A4 size paper, that is blank on one side, of course.

Once they have that ready, I let them watched a slide on the "KAB Man", which I hope will give them some inspiration.

Then I showed them some junk mails promoting a supermarket with lots of pictures of stuff on sales. I asked them to look out for such junk mails at home and asked them to write down in the books they have created what they can "Reduce, Re-Use or Recycle from the product printed on the brochure.

My 10 years old son has been inspired by the slide. He said he wants to be "MIB Man". What? "Man in Black" for recycling? He corrected me. It's "MAB Man" and that stands for "Malaysia Always Beautiful Man".

That's my hero.

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