Monday, 17 December 2007

Gift boxes? Start collecting tissue boxes.

I have touched on the fact that as a consumer, I may be paying more for a product based on the packaging it comes in. In order to change my buying habits I have decided to make my own packaging.

Here is one I created out of a tissue box.

I have taken the trouble to wrap it up nicely so that it can also double up as a gift box when I need one. As it would defeat the purpose of reducing waste if the recipient would not consider keeping the box, I have created it to fit a "Chest of Drawers" that the recipient can learn to create.

See it fits into the chest nicely.

If you are not into colouring the "Chest of Drawers", you can always make use of paper bags your purchases came in to decorate it.

The instruction on how to create it can be read off "Drawers cum gift boxes"


Peridot&Sapphire said...

thanks for the tip! I love this one...

Nancy Poh said...

Thank you for the spur me on to do more.