Monday, 17 December 2007

Year ending. Keeping old calendars?

Calendars for the year are used 365 days only. I let the children think outside the box by asking them if one can extend their usage time? What would generate an interest for someone to keep them? Following are some examples of what I would hold on to.

I received this calendar from the Sungai Long Buddhist Society and it carries 12 moral messages with interesting pictures that I can cut out for my children to read.

This one carries pictures of Chinese paintings with lovely proverbs to go with them.

Colourful pictures of marine life in this calendar would be great for creating paper beads.

This calendar has a write up of the characteristics for each animal in the Chinese Zodiac. Cut them out and you can create a little booklet for someone who would be interested. It would be nice to attached with gifts, cut out of such nicely written attributes, to someone who is born in that year.

I kept this year 2006 calendar because it carries 365 recipes with pictures for each dish!

Other than the printings, check out its attachment. I love this Chinese knots that is attached to this calendar.

What about those with nothing useful printed to keep them for?

I paste pictures of green places that I would like to visit that I have read from the newspaper. It would come in handy if my husband would like to take the family out for a ride but have no idea where to go.

I told the children about a workshop, Aunty Meredith, one of their Dhamma school teachers conducted. Aunty Meredith said that if you want something, keep an image of it and visualize in your mind that you will get it. That is the law of attraction.

I hope what I taught the children with my calendars will attract thoughts of reducing, reusing and recycling and lead them towards a green living. May they be innovators of future products that are sustainable.


JO-N said...

Nancy, you are great in recycling. Keep up the good work.

Nancy Poh said...

Thank you, Joanne. It is great to be able to encourage 3Rs activities with craft, something I am very passionate about.

Peridot&Sapphire said...

i use all the greeting cards (for raya, CNY, christmas, wedding invitation)and calendar with nicec pictures that I can found in my office as file/douments dividers or more pretty one for cut-outs used in my srapbooking and card making. They are very handy...

Nancy Poh said...

I get lots of such while I was working. To think that some people complained when they received "junk mail". I said, "Lucky you".