Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Teaching children? You need props too.

If you are teaching a group of fidgety young children and find it very hard to gain their attention, who do you call? Your right brain, of course, to wake up your creativity so that you can create some visual props for the next lesson.

I have offered to create a lesson plan touching on "Perfect Speech / Mindfulness", since it was a topic I have touched on in my blog, "Philosophy Recycled".

This little prop I have created is to remind the children to handle their words with care.

I will be on a look out for newspaper articles of fights and crimes of passion instigated by harsh speech. A good way to show them the cause and effects of one's action in the heat of the moment. If they are not mindful, they have the power to hurt another with mere words.

What can that power transform words into?

What a wonderful way to be able to teach the children with the help of some free material. So, what if I am not able to think up of any props to create on the topic I am working on? I can get the children up and moving with some right and left brain activities to improve their concentration. This is Brain Gym and is taught to the students of the Sunday Dhamma School in Bandar Sungai Long.

If you would like to create the same prop, I have the instructions posted on my blog, Creative Recyclers.

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