Monday, 7 January 2008

Styrofoam? Not for packaging only.

One of my friends sent me some Styrofoam pieces found in the packaging of an item she bought. She has read my blog and thinks that I can re-use anything. Not one to give up on a challenge, I did a search and this is what I have discovered.

The Dow Chemical Company, the manufacturer of Styrofoam, has many craft projects on its website if I need some ideas and inspirations.

In fact if I join their Craft Club, they may offer me free crafting supplies to test drive their product. To give you an idea, check out the Modular Wall Decor created by DIY Maven from the supplies received from Dow Chemical.

I remember when I was still schooling, I was taught how to create relief art out of flat sheets of Styrofoam boards. Here are the steps:

1) Draw a scenery with figures on a piece of plywood, which formed the base of the work.
2) Trace out the figures on a piece of paper and cut them.
3) Place the traced images on the Styrofoam and cut the shapes with a form cutting equipment. This is like a saw except that the blade is just a thin piece of wire that is heated by a battery. You place the Styrofoam against the heated wire and it will cut through it.
4) Stick the cut Styrofoam on the picture where the figures are before painting the picture.

And if I do come across round Styrofoam balls, I can consider creating Temari.

So, what if I have more than I can use up in craft? Cut them up into cubes and use them as inserts for cushions.

And if you are in a business where you require lots of inserts in your packaging, consider investing in a Recky Foam Saver which has grid openings which heats up to cut the Styrofoam into 3/4" Cubes size. Or you can grind the Styrofoam into its original beads size with a Foam Gobler. That way you can save cost on inserts by recycling Styrofoam that most people would not keep.

So, what will I be creating with my Styrofoam? Watch out for it in my next posting.

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