Thursday, 28 August 2008

Copyright? Animals can have that too.

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Have you heard of "Animal Copyright Foundation"? This is a nonprofit organization launched by Gregory Colbert in 2006 to help preserve species and habitats around the world.

Advertisers who use animals in their publicity campaign are encouraged to contribute 1% of their media buy directly to conservation projects around the world recommended by the foundation or one of their preference. If they comply with the Animal Copyright Foundation standards they can display the Animal Copyright symbol on their advertising media and have their companies listed on its website as supporters of conservation.

Sadly, at this time of writing, the only contribution listed is Gregory Colbert's through his Ashes and Snow Exhibition, presenting images of human and animals interacting with one another. I hope someone will write to tell me that I have the website address wrong or that it has not been updated.

Gregory Colbert is also offering grants through his "The Flying Elephants Foundation" to support individuals who are working to benefit the environment through the arts and sciences.

I wish him success in all his green endeavours.

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