Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Trading without money!

When it is time for the next spring cleaning, make sure you take time to have a look at SwapTree. It is a place where you can post media in your collection that you are no longer interested in. This can be books, CDs, DVDs and video games you would like to swap with other users of SwapTree for free but you have to pay for shipping charges.

If you like the idea at SwapTree, maybe you would like to work on starting a swap for other kind of stuff with your friends and neighbours. I am sure that you will be able to find someone to take the stuff you plan to throw away and find stuff that you want and they don't in exchange.

I remember going shopping with my former American boss in a shop in Shanghai. There he came across an antique decorative wooden panel and I helped him to acquire it at a bargain price. I noticed another piece in better condition and suggested that he take that since the owner was selling it at the same price as the piece he had chosen.

To my surprise, he preferred the broken piece. He wanted it for its "antique" value and the more worn looking it is, the better, he said. So there! Somewhere, someone may be looking for what you are discarding no matter how shabby you think it is.

You never know, you may have swapped quite a unique collection locally to start a business trading them online. After all, what is common in your own country could be exotic over another end of the world.

If you need some inspiration, read what Greg Boesel, the co-founder and CEO of Swaptree has to say about how and why he started it.

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