Thursday, 7 August 2008

Going green as Freesouls.

I love the concept of Creative Commons. You can find many resources there that allow you, in your capacity as an author or a scientist or an artist or an educator to work on and expand on the knowledge readily available there.

There are hundreds of stock photos licensed for free commercial and non-commercial use. Try goodling 'Creative Commons free photos" and see what you can discover. If you use them, remember to attribute the creators for their efforts.

Here is an example of a presentation of "Freesouls" by Oliver Ding with images from Creative Commons.

There is another aspect of sharing that I would like to highlight again. Films for traditional cameras need chemicals to process while digital cameras need batteries. They can become environmentally hazardous when they are discarded indiscriminately. Sharing means that less of these will be required.

Share with Creative Commons for a better and greener environment.

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