Sunday, 13 May 2007

Dressing Barbie as cheaply as I can

How do mothers reject their daughters' request for Barbie Dolls? I would really like to know that.

I have to admit that I find Barbie adorable too but it can be very costly if your little girl keeps asking for more cos its her birthday and this Barbie is totally different. It's a Mermaidia. OK, so you allow her to choose one of the movie characters, then the 12 Dancing Princesses came into the picture!

OK, that's it! Mommy will have to work on creating her own Barbie costumes for her little girl.

"Will this do, girl?"

"How about this?"

"What! You want a hair piece too? OK, here you go".

No, it did not take me days to create them and they cost me nothing. I just look out for plastic bags in nice designs and let my imagination go wilder than the movie makers, if possible.

This is how the piece will look like before it's worn by Barbie.

Cut another strip of plastic out wide enough for belting Barbie up. Got the picture? Easy, right?


chinneeq said...

wah....nice idea. can teach children on recycle too.

Nancy Poh said...

I would love to teach children together with their parents. It is a good way to bond family ties.