Thursday, 17 May 2007

Fashion show, a way to save the environment?

What has fashion show got to do with the environment? Ever since I started this blog about recycling for a living, I have attracted many like minded people.

I received this picture of a mini skirt and top knitted from colored and black previously-used shopping bags.

I was so impressed by it that I did a search on the sender and this is the secret that I have discovered. There is such a following as the Haute Trash and Shaun Muscolo is one of the designers who produce fashion wear out of trash. Before you pinch your nose and say "Yeeak!", take a look at photos by Mr. Tommy Gleason to see what they are wearing at their fashion runway shows. Another photographer of such events I have discovered is Chris Coffin.

If you have been inspired to try your hands at this, there is an opportunity for you to showcase your creations. Just fill in this Fashion and Environment Exhibition from. Yes, I have signed in for this too.

Need more suggestions to start?

How about creating t-shirt with natural dye? I have some examples of such dye on my blog for painting eggs.

And if you live by a river, you may want to put the mud you have been complaining about to good use. Let Kimberly Michelle Jones, an Africana Graduate Student tells you how. You may not have all the ingredient or time needed but if you play around with what you have in your environment, you maybe able to create your very own mud dye recipe from each states in Malaysia. Example, for the solution of tea that comes from the Bogalon tree, try the Chinese tea that produces the darkest solution. When I used a henna hair dye recipe, lemon was added so that the natural colour stays. Maybe that can be added. You may also want to check out your competition first at African and Silk Fabrics.

You can also create clothes, bags and accessories using leftover fabric. What do you mean that's too tacky? Look at what shop owner, Rina Matsui, has created at Flowerdrum in Malaysia.

You can also read how similar minded beings from Earth are doing it at Treehugger.


Marta said...

thats really interesting! i'm part of compact, and do a blog myself. recently, i posted about your site- check it out-

Nancy Poh said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments about my blog you have posted on yours. I will find time to find out what you have to sacrifice to compact your life. I have read one who do away with buying new undies.