Saturday, 19 May 2007

My Codd Bottle. The only one in Malaysia?

I have received the Codd's bottle that I won from in a competition at Karl's blog. It came with a message from Karl to keep up my good work with the blog. Thank you, Karl.

Here is a picture, taken by my little boy, of me holding on to my "collector's item" bottle and the "very smile inducing" message.

Looking at the strange bottle meant for "The Dee Mineral Water Co Ltd", it makes me wonder if I am the only one in Malaysia owning one. The glass is very thick and the bottle shape, about 1/3 down its opening, is pinched towards the centre at both sides. There is a glass ball sitting on the slit of its upper half and a rubber spacer at its bottom. Here is a clearer picture of it.

You want to know how I won it? Read about it at this link:

I won! I won! Talking about nature.

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