Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Stained plastic bags? Very handy material.

If you have tried Malaysian cuisine or read our food recipes, you will know that dish washing must be a very time consuming activity. If you do not think so, take a look at our curry dishes. That's when the cooking utensils right up to the cutleries will be dripping with oil.

That is the best time to make use of those stained plastic bags you are going to throw away anyway. Just wipe the access oil off the surface of the pots and pans with the plastic bags and throw them into the dustbin. This way, the oil will not form residue in the drainage pipes to clog your drains. When you start washing, you do not need a lot of detergent = less pollution, so you do not need a lot of water to wash off = save $.


chinneeq said...

i like to use tissue or newspaper. find that they absorb oil better.

Nancy Poh said...

I use tissue paper only when I want to re-use the stained cooking utensil and do not want to wash it thus saving resources. I do not use newspaper as I am concern about the toxic from the printing ink.